Top Question of MS Office for All Government Exam

Microsoft office questions and answers are important for All government Exam ( Bank PO, Clerk, SBI bank exams ,SSC Exams etc ).

So, keep practice with these questions with answers and clear your doubts.

MS Office Question & Answer for All Government Exam

इसे भी पढ़े – TOP 50 Question of Computer Science For All Government Exam

  1. Microsoft Office was developed by — Bill Gates on August 1, 1988
  2. Microsoft Office was initial release —  19 November 1990
  3. Microsoft office is an example of a……..Software —  Application Software
  4. Bold, italic, Regular are known as  —  Font styles 
  5. In Excel, Each box in a spreadsheet is called is  — Cell
  6. The maximum zoom percentage in MS power point — 400%
  7. MS Excel is used for — Spreadsheet Calculation
  8. The shortcut key to print documents is — Ctrl + P
  9. What is the extension of PowerPoint — .pptx
  10. Superscript, subscript, strikethrough are known as — Font Effects
  11. Gutter Margin can be set to — Left and Top
  12. The latter and number of the intersecting column and row is the — cell address 
  13. What is the extension of MS word — .doc
  14. In Excel, charts are created using  — chart wizard
  15. How are the data organised in a spreadsheet — Rows and Columns
  16. Which keyboard shortcut key can be used to save a document directly — ctrl + S
  17. In Microsoft Office which program is used to create presentations — MS PowerPoint
  18. In MS Word thesaurus tool is used to check — Synonyms
  19. Ctrl + I is used to — Italic
  20. In word , the mailing list is known as the — Data source
  21. Text in a column is generally aligned — left 
  22. To save an existing file with new location we should……..command — save as 

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