TOP 50 + Question of Computer Science For All Government Exam

दोस्तो आज की इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से हम आपको competitive exam मे पूछे जाने वाले कुछ Basic Computer Awareness और Computer Knowledge के Question और उनके answers को जानेगे। आज की इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से हम Competitive exams के लिए Computer skills को अच्छे improve करेंगे। 

  1. Scientific Name of Computer —  Sillico sapiens
  2. the father of Computer — Charles Babbage
  3. The father of Computer science – Allen Turing
  4. The father of personal computer — Edward Robert
  5. The First Computer Programmer — Ada Lovelace
  6. IBM stands for —  International Business Machines
  7. Name of 1st electronic computer —  ENIAC
  8. HTML indicates – Hyper Text Markup Language
  9. HTTP stands for – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  10. Father of “C‘ programming language — Dennis Ritchie
  11. Father of “java‘ programming language — James Gosling
  12. GPRS stands for — General Packet Radio Service
  13. The first Computer Network — ARPANET
  14. Where are the CPU and memory located – Motherboard
  15. First page of Website is termed as —  Homepage
  16. Junk email is also called – Spam
  17. The output quality of a printer is measured by — Dot per sq. inch
  18. The Father of Computer Mouse? Douglas Engelbart
  19. The fathers of the Internet —  Vint Cerf
  20. XML stands for —  Extensible Markup Language
  21. Full form of WWW — World Wide Web
  22. World’s first microprocessor is – Intel 4004
  23. A byte consists of — Eight bits
  24.  What is correcting errors in a program called — Debugging
  25. Full form of MAN — Metropolitan Area Network
  26. Full form of SMS — Short Message Service
  27. The basic architecture of computer was developed by – John Von Neumann
  28. Microsoft office is an example of – Application Software
  29. The ‘IC’ chip used in computers, is made of – Silicon
  30. Magnetic disk is an example of — Secondary Memory
  31. Which command is used to select the whole document? —  Ctrl+A
  32. EPROM stands for — Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  33. Full form of CDMA  — Code-division multiple access
  34. Google chrome is an example of  — Web Browser 
  35. Full form of CRT — cathode ray tube
  36. The founder of Google —  Larry Page, Sergey Brin
  37. What kind of memory is both static and non -volatile — ROM
  38. What does DMA stand for — Direct Memory Access
  39. Full form of UPS —  uninterruptible power supply
  40. An HTML program is saved by using the ____ extension — .HTML
  41. An image on a computer screen is made up of —  Pixels
  42. The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer is an example of a law enforcement speciality called — Computer Forensics
  43. UNIVAC is  — Universal Automatic Computer
  44. In internet terminology IP means — Internet Protocol
  45. Physical or logical arrangement of network is _______ — Topology
  46. ISDN stands for — integrated services digital network
  47. An Email message contains the ……. and the ……. —  Header , body 
  48.  In MS Word , You can detect spelling and grammar errors by —  press F7 / press fn +F7
  49. A computer on internet are identified by — IP address
  50. Passwords are used to improve the ……. of a network — Security
  51. Desktop and personal computers are also known as — Microcomputers
  52. CPU can directly understand this language — Machine language
  53. A nibble is equal to — 4 bits
  54. Full form of Windows — Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution
  55.  The letter and number of the intersecting column and row is the — cell address
  56. Full form of E.D.P —Electronic data processing
  57. the first counting machine — Abacus
  58. CPU’s ALU consists of — Register
  59. By default, your documents print in ________ mode –– Portrait
  60. What is the Full Form of INTERNET ? — International-Network
  61. ______  the parent company of Google . ——- Alphabet Inc

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