Technical Gyan

Technical Gyan मे हम आपको टेक्नोलॉजी या कंप्यूटर टेक्नोलॉजी से जुडी कुछ महत्वपुर्ण जानकारी देंगे |

  1. How to create Signature in Gmail in Hindi
  2. How to hide hard disk drive ?
  3. SEO क्या होता है ?
  4. What is Cloud Computing ?
  5. Dark web in hindi
  6. 2 Step Verification क्या है ? और Facebook मे इसका उपयोग कैसे किया जाता है।
  7. HDD और SSD मे कौन सा आपके लिए better है।
  8. What is “Whois” in hindi ?
  9. Big data क्या होता है ?
  10. Website क्या है ?
  11. WordPress website के password को कैसे change करे।
  12. Difference Between Git & GitHub
  13. How to improve WordPress security in Hindi
  14. Hacking तथा Ethical Hacking क्या होती है।
  15. how to Control Your Computer from Your Phone with Chrome Remote Desktop in Hindi
  16. What is Oracle / Oracle Database in hindi ?
  17. How to Connect Two Computers and share files using Lan Cable ?
  18. Some Network Troubleshooting Commands In Hindi
  20. What is Nmap in hindi ?
  21. How to Disable Auto-Update in Windows 10
  22. What is Keylogger ?
  23. How to delete your Instagram account permanently
  24. Some Shortcut keys for Google Chrome
  25. How to enable macros in excel in Hindi ?
  26. How to create a graph in excel in Hindi ? 
  27. what is kernel in Hindi ?
  28. What is HTTP Error 503 in Hindi ?
  29. How to delete google chrome history and cookies
  30. How to convert Word document to a PDF in Hindi ?
  31. Difference between .in and .com In Hindi
  32. How to Install Git on Windows in Hindi ?
  33. Google Chrome Hidden Reader Mode
  34. What is Recycle Bin ?