Some Shortcut keys for Google Chrome

Shortcut Keys for  Google chrome(for Windows)

Shortcut KeysDescription
Ctrl+NOpen a new window
Ctrl+Shift+NOpen a new incognito window
Ctrl+Shift+W/ Alt+F4Close the current window
Ctrl+TOpen a new tab
Ctrl+Shift+TReopen the last tab closed
Ctrl+W/ Ctrl+F4Close the tab
Ctrl+TabSwitch to the next tab
Ctrl+Shift+TabSwitch to the previous tab
Ctrl+L/ Alt+DHighlights the current webpage URL if available
Ctrl+E/ Ctrl+KEnter search query in the address bar
Ctrl+UView webpage source
F11/ fn + F11Turn full screen on / off
Ctrl+(+ or – )Zoom in / zoom out
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow RightJump to previous / next webpage visited
F5/Ctrl+RReload current webpage
Ctrl+PPrint current webpage
Ctrl+OOpen file
Ctrl+SSave current webpage
Ctrl+HOpen Google chrome History tab
Ctrl+JOpen Downloads tab
Shift + EscView Google Task manager
fn+F1Google Chrome Help
Ctrl+Shift+DelOpen the Clear Browsing Data options
Ctrl+F/ fn+F3Find text on webpage
Ctrl+Shift+BShow or hide bookmarks bar
Ctrl+Shift+OOpen Bookmark Manager
Ctrl+DAdd bookmark for current webpage
Ctrl+Shift+I  / fn + F12Open Developer Tools