Difference Between File System and Database system ?

Difference Between File System and Database System

There are following differences between Database system and File system:-


Database System

File System

1Software to create and manage database.software that manage data files in a computer system.
2Database system gives an abstract view of data that hides the detailsFile system provides the detail of the data representation and storage of data.
3DBMS system have very complex structure.file system have very simple structure.
4Database system provides higher data consistency using  normalisationFile system has data inconsistency
5Database system  provide a crash recovery mechanism.File system doesn’t have a crash mechanism.
6Backup mechanism is very complex.Backup mechanism is very easy and simple.
7Security is high in DBMS.Security is low
8Data Redundancy is less in DBMS.Data Redundancy is more in file management system.
9EX. MySQL ,  OracleEX.  NTFS

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