Computer MCQ

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1. the load instruction is mostly used to designate a transfer from memory to a processor register known as

a. program counter
b. instruction register
c. accumulator
d. memory address register

2. the communication line between CPU memory and peripherals is called a

a. line
b. bus
c. media
d. all of these

3. CPU stands for

a. central processing upload
b. computer processing unit
c. central processing unit
d. none of these

4. ALU stands for

a. Arithmetic logic unit
b. Acess logic unit
c. Application logic unit
d. array logic unit

5. the smallest unit of information stored on a hard disk is ……..

a. cluster
b. sector
c. track
d. none of these


6. which of the memory is faster

a. buffer
b. auxiliary
c. hard disk
d. optical disk

7. CPU can directly understand this language

a. python
b. java
c. machine language
d. assembly language

8. the control unit controls other units by generating

a. timing signal
b. control signal
c. command signal
d. transfer signal

9. the main circuit board of the system unit is

a. RAM
b. control unit
c. motherboard
d. computer program

10. the basic goal of computer process is to convert the data into

a. tables
b. information
c. files
d. graphs


1. c (accumulator)
2. b (bus)
3. c (central processing unit )
4. a (Arithmetic logic unit )
5. b (sector )
6. a (buffer )
7. c (machine language )
8. b (control signal )
9. c (motherboard )
10. b(information )

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